Evgeny Primakov Gymnasium
Leadership - is the reality
E. M. Primakov

Both in Russia and in the world Evgeny Primakov is known as “the person who made a U-turn over the Atlantic”. He was a wise and brave politician who could defend the interests of his country.
Professionalism, strong principles, balanced approach to making decisions have made him one of the most outstanding politicians both in Russia and on the international arena.
For us Evgeny Maksimovich Primakov is an outstanding statesman and a political role model who willingly and selflessly served his country.
E.M. Primakov is a graduate of Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies which was later incorporated into MGIMO University. Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation (1998-1999), Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (1996-1998), Director of the USSR Central Intelligence Service (1991), Director of the Central Intelligence Service of Russia (1991-1996), Head of the Council of the Union of the Supreme Council of the USSR (1989-1990).

Doctor of Economics (1969), Orientalist-Arabist, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (1996), Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1979, correspondent academician 1974).

A weak person gives way only to the strong one and only the strongest gives way to everyone
— E. M. Primakov
Our aim is Leadership
Our goal is high quality education
About school Values
Our advantages:
  • individual educational paths
  • native English-speaking teachers
  • outstanding after school enrichment programme
  • preparation for Russian and international universities
Our school is the place where:
  • the best of traditional and innovative teaching methods are applied to help students students reach their full potential
  • Students are equipped with 21st century skills and prepared for future life
  • Modern technologies are seamlessly integrated into the curriculum
Students learn to:
  • properly organize their life
  • navigate in the world of information
  • think critically
  • build communications
  • effectively collaborate
  • implement knowledge in practice
  • make balanced decisions
  • identify their strengths and challenges to work on their areas of growth

We are oriented to: 
  • Leading international practices
  • Classical traditions of Russian education
We collaborate with:
  • Leaders in education sphere
  • Leading Russian and world universities
School values are the following:
  • Leadership and aspiration of higher results
  • Service to state and public
  • Aspiration to learning and creativity
  • Freedom and decency of each person
  • Responsibility for mutual achievement and respect
School principles are the following:
  • Openness and transparency
  • Uniqueness and success
  • Effectiveness
About school Structure
School structure

from 3 to 7 years

  • English speaking tutors
  • Specialists (speech therapist, psychologist, dialectologist)
  • Physical training
  • Musical classes
  • Game activities, modeling, drawing
  • Game activities with native speakers not less than 4 times a week

from 1st to 4th grade

  • 5 hours of English classes per week
  • Project activity
  • Additional education with native speakers not less than 10 hours a week

from 5th to 9th grade

  • 6 hours of English classes per week
  • Second foreign language
  • Project activity
  • Creation of pre-profile psths
  • Additional education with native speakers not less than 10 hours per week

from – 10th to 11th grade

  • Complex testing on applying
  • IB Programme
  • Education on profile paths
  • Project activity
  • Cooperation with leading universities
  • Additional education with native speakers not less than 10 hour per week
About school Welcome to Evgeny Primakov Gymnasium!

Maya Maysuradze
Director of Primakov school
On September 1st, 2017 our school opens its doors for the first time. This educational institution consists of preschool with an enrollment capacity of 225 (ages 3-6) and Primary, Middle and High School departments which will serve 550 students (ages 6-16).
Our mission is to educate leaders.
Our goal is to provide high-quality bilingual (Russian-English) education for today's world by engaging best teaching staff of the highest standard across all age groups and subjects and by bringing together the best of traditional and innovative teaching methods to help students reach their full potential.
High school will operate in partnership with leading Russian universities.
The school charges tuition fees. Admission to school is on a competitive basis.
Application for interview and testing starts April, 20th 2016.
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To apply to school or get more information
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Moscow region, Odintsovsky district, Razdory village